With Pialle Flooring your life and work areas are more

Every Pialle Flooring product consists of an innovation inside. It brings liveliness into your living space, creates a unique working environments with its broad pattern and size options.

Pialle Flooring

Introducing Pialle Flooring, the latest in LVP technology, designed by a team that takes flooring very, very seriously.  Our combined industry experience and focus on innovation has led us to the development of a breakthrough line of planks that have cutting edge technology, with a price point that will fit into any budget.

The Pialle brand includes two distinct collections, with several colors and styles that are ideal for every type of project.  The technology and design work in unison to create unique patterns that are sure to get noticed by friends, family, and customers.

At Pialle we know how important each project is, and that is why we created a product line that isn’t just accessible to everyone, it will also stand up to the wear and tear associated with high traffic areas for years to come.

Pialle boasts an extensive and fascinating collection of gorgeous wood designs for any application.

The technology used to product our planks puts an emphasis on the wood grain that gives our product a sleek yet unique look, which is sure to impress even the toughest of critics.  We have everything from warm tones to light finishes and everything in between.  Look no further, Pialle is the new solution to an already great product.